Part II, Niagara Trip: Niagara Falls and Parks

Of course, the main reason why people visit Niagara is because of Niagara Falls, and I didn’t want to leave Toronto area without a visit either. The Canadian side of the falls is called Horseshoe, and I believe Canadians have the better view. Though Niagara Falls is considered the biggest waterfall in the world, it is not the tallest one. Seeing it in person is nothing like in pictures or on video. The sheer volume and speed of the water are incredible. You definitely wouldn’t want to fall down!

The American Fall

Niagara Falls is part of Niagara Parks, and on the opposite end of the park, 4 miles away, is Niagara Gorge. This large area has hiking trails and a bunch of other nature activities and garden. We visited for a quick hike at Niagara Glen, overlooking Niagara River. Though a little muddy at times through the rugged path, it was a pleasant walk through the Carolinian Forest, observing prehistoric geological formations.

Our last stop was to the famous Floral Clock, north of the Botanical Gardens. Made from 16,000 carpet bedding plants, the bedding is only changed twice a year. And the clock’s mechanism is kept functioning all year round by Ontario Hydro.

This little day trip was a fun and beautiful outing, a highlight of our trip. Though we had to be compliant with the weather, waiting out the rain, getting poured on and drizzled by the waterfall’s mist, it was worth it when the sun came back out and gave us rainbows. The sunshine made the views that much better and allowed for crisper pictures.