Le Marche des Enfants Rouges


Before moving to Paris, I had done a lot of research on organic food, superfoods, and vegan-friendly restaurants and bakery.  I knew our selection of organic and fresh produce would be just as good as home, if not better.  Now being here for a week, we are not disappointed. We have an awesome local market a block away from us.  Le Marche des Enfants Rouges is the oldest food market in Paris, built in 1615.  We’ve had several opportunities to shop there for our produce, and a quick bite to eat. The market is boasting with various restaurants serving Morrocan, Lebanese, Japanese, Italian, and French food.  Aside from these restaurants, you could basically do all of your shopping in one place, because if you need bread, cheese, pasta, meat, seafood and produce, you’re all covered.


What I love is that there is an organic stall with just organic produce.  This is where we do our shopping at when we’re at the market.  There is even an organic restaurant that serves 100% organic food.  They have something there for everyone:  whole chicken, vegetables, rice, soup, and salad.  So far we have eaten there, and at the Lebanese place where we have had tasty falafel sandwiches.  We plan on going back to try out some Morrocan food, in particular for the couscous and vegetable stew.  Everything served in the market is fresh and of good quality.  There are several places that serve fresh juiced oranges as well, such as the organic restaurant and the Lebanese place.  We have yet to try it, but I bet it won’t be long before we do.  It’s a bit overwhelming at first at your initial visit to see such amazing selections of food.  The air is redolent of tantalizing aromas which play with your head.  Your eyes go crazy gazing at everything.  But my advice is to take it in strides.  Get what you need, and know that there’s always a next time.  The market opens every day, except Mondays, so there is an opportunity to try something out almost every day if you want.


We’ve been very fortunate to have such a large selection of organic produce and some raw superfoods to choose from, and not only at this market, but at Naturalia and Bio Moi.  Bio Moi carries our raw superfoods such as hemp seeds and cacao powder, both of which are staples to our diet in our morning shakes.  Naturalia is in abundance; basically every district has one of these stores on the block.  Bio Moi is sparser, but there is one in the Marais.  When we move out of this neighborhood we will have to take a little trip back for Bio Moi when needed, but Paris is so easy to go about on foot or Metro that it’s not a big deal.

So far I love the food options here in Paris.  Being a vegan or a raw food enthusiast here is not as bad as one would think.  Nick and I are doing well.  Although we are definitely making exceptions to enjoy and eat more cooked vegan foods than at home, we are fine with our decisions as long as we’re still balancing out the cooked meals with our healthy, low-fat, and whole raw food diet.  With that said, I am on a mission to try out a vegan croissant here soon!


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