Chocolate Heaven


Today I was overjoyed with chocolate goodness. We found our favorite chocolate shop–ChocoLatitudes. This place is vegan, organic, and carries a selection of raw products. I learned about this place beforehand, and was anxious to try the place out. The owner is one chocolate buff who traveled around the world to learn about different cacao beans. She even did her PhD thesis on cacao beans, and she’s a raw foodist.


ChocoLatitudes is known for their hot chocolate or chocolate tea.  Call it whatever, it’s better than any hot chocolate I’ve ever had. The drink is slightly thick with robust and intense flavors. It wasn’t too sweet, either. The drink is prepared fresh and daily, and served all year round respectively to the seasons—hot for cold months and cold for the summer.


Today was the coldest day in Paris so far. We experienced the worse wind chill in a long time that nibbled the skin of our faces. Eddies of snowflakes danced around the partly cloudy, sunny sky; but no snow stuck around. Nick and I wanted to be out, but we were dying for warmth; so we ventured out to the 14th arrondissement to find this much fantasized hot chocolate shop.


It took some time to find the place because in a rush I forgot to look at the address before we left the apartment. We got off the right metro without knowing which street the shop was on. It took about an hour of walking in the cold until my memory presented me with the street name of where ChocoLatitudes lives.

We were pleased to find the shop on 57 rue Daguerre. It looked exactly as it did online—a lime green window-framed façade and a windowed door. We stepped inside and were the first guests to arrive after an unknown amount of time. Greeted by the owner, she invited us to sit down and explained the menu option in French. Knowing we were Americans, she spoke in French so we could practice. She soon learned that we’re weren’t very good and communicated in English when needed. She continued to explain how the drink is indeed vegan and that she uses almond milk. The drink that she was serving for the day was orange flavored. The hint of orange was very mild, and you could barely taste it.


After thawing our chilled bodies with the warmth of the hot chocolate that was paired with a vegan chocolate-covered biscuit, we were so pleased and had nothing but good things to say. The chocolate is done right, and we wondered why no one else is doing this. I was happy to try the biscuit because I haven’t found one that’s vegan. It was scrumptious and I couldn’t wait to buy a bag of it. We were curious to look around the shop, knowing we would be buying nothing but chocolate goodness. It took about thirty minutes for us to decide on the things we wanted. We then left the shop with a bag of the vegan biscuits, a sampler of chocolate bars from various regions, a raw chocolate bar, and a chocolate hazelnut spread that we are excited to spread on a baguette.


Going to ChocoLatitudes was the highlight of our day. I highly recommend trying this place out. If you love chocolate, I promise you won’t be disappointed. It exceeded our expectations!




9 thoughts on “Chocolate Heaven

  1. AAAAHHH so is this hot chocolate available so you can make it at home too? I feel a package coming my way, of course at my expense!!

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