Espace Dalí


We had the pleasure of visiting Salvador Dalí’s exhibition located at the heart of Montmartre.   Espace Dalí Montmartre has the largest collection of Dalí’s sculptures, as well as his work in illustration, and a complete collection of engravings and lithographs.


Besides being a surrealist, Dalí was involved in fashion and cinema.  He had worked with Coco Chanel a bit, which got him into designing costumes, hats and among other things.  An eccentric artist with such an imaginative mind, his work depicts “one of a kind.”  His whimsical appearance and capricious manner brought a bit of attention to the public’s eyes – and now his work will always be a reminder of how unique he truly was.


Overall, we had spent a couple of hours reading and analyzing his work.  It was invigorating and a delight to observe the man’s creation.  We hope to visit his castle in Spain, where we can view the interior design of his home and imagine the days he had spent there.


This is one of my favorite pieces that he had done with pencil and watercolor.Image

Here are a couple of Nick’s favorite drawings.ImageImage

Dalí had a thing for watches.  The soft watches he portrays in his work is the unconscious symbol of the relativity of space and time.Image

The elephant was another one of Dalí’s many objects displayed in his work.  Image


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