A Visit to the Islands

For three weeks, we were dealing with a cold front that swept through Paris.  As soon as the sun set, the drop in temperature was unbearable at times.  I yearned for the warmth of our apartment, despite wanting to stay out.  But just like that, that cold front has vanished this week.  The city has warmed up, and it’s almost hot walking around in our winter coats and scarves.  We can feel the effects of spring nearing, and we’re excited for winter to be over with soon.

Before we move into spring, I’d like to share one of our walks during the breezy cold front.  We took a stroll through the two islands where it all began.  Ile de la Cite and Ile St. Louis are the two islands in the heart of the Paris.  Dating back to two thousand years ago when the city was born, a lot had occurred on these islands.  I can’t help but wonder how it would be like around the Seine when no one was present – just the sound of the river and the whispers of the wind.  Would the murmurs of the past make itself known to me if I wandered around late at night?  Who knows, but it’s something I’d like to try more often.  I’d love to get lost in the mystery of the past and let the story unfold itself.

However that day was quite the contrary.  We were amongst tourists from all over the world.  The place was a scene as we passed the beautiful Notre Dame.  The line to get into the place was so long, I was glad we had had our chance to see the inside the last time we were visiting.  As we passed through the crowd of patient waiters, we couldn’t resist taking some pictures.


It’s hard not to gawk at the Notre Dame.  Its architecture, along with its gothic touch, has so much to tell.  Yet in our time, we’ll never know all of its tales and mysteries back then.  After all, not everything gets documented . . .

The breeze from the Seine made it more chilly during our walk, and we had to keep on moving.  We walked along the Seine for as long as we could before heading towards the Latin Quarter for dinner.  On our way home, we skipped the metro and walked the same way back.  It was nighttime, and we had never seen the Seine in the dark.  It was a pretty sight; I was in awe.  At that moment, the City of Light lived up to its name.  And as spring comes around, I can’t wait for my nighttime walks along the Seine.



2 thoughts on “A Visit to the Islands

  1. THIS is the sole reason why I want to go back to Paris. I fell in love with this area and Norte Dame on my first visit. I will need to go back inside again and just sit there to take it all in. It is beyond amazing and the feeling of such peace and serenity that I’ve never felt before. I yearn for that feeling whenever I see photos.

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