Chalk Two More Up on the List


Last weekend we did some more café hopping as we spent time in the 4th and 5th. After visiting Maison de Victor Hugo, we went to Le Pick Clops in the 4th. We’ve wanted to check out this place for some time now and finally had the opportunity to do so. The café has a fun vibe with a retro-style theme, hopping with music. Situated at the corner of rue Vieille du Temple, it is on the same street as our new place we’re moving into.

There are several reasons why we like this place. One, we had the friendliest waiter in the city. Of course he accommodated us like Americans and spoke English the whole time, but we were fine with that. He had a sense of humor with a good temperament. But our friendly waiter wasn’t the only reason why we like this place. They also have a killer vegan salad that accommodates drinking. This salad is huge and hearty. It was loaded with mixed greens, quinoa, lentils, onions, dressing, and avocados. The flavor was great, and it was the first time I could not finish a salad. It filled me up for the entire night; I didn’t have to eat anymore. And lastly, if you’re not eating and are just there for drinks, they serve all-you-can-eat popcorn for free after 5 pm. Because we were eating we weren’t served, but Nick asked for it anyway and the guy had no problem giving it to us. This place was great and even better that it’s on the same block as our new place. We’ll definitely be going there often.



On Sunday we went back to Place de la Contrescarpe. Of course we went back to Café Contrescarpe, but also tried a new café afterwards. That place was Café des Arts. It is right next to Café Contrescarpe, and is a tiny place. Even though it has café in its name, this place is more like a bar because it doesn’t serve food; however, they do provide peanuts. There is just one guy running the whole place, and the ambiance is cozy and friendly. It reminded me of a small-town-vibe kind of bar. It’s a cool little place and the cost is half the price of Café Contrescarpe.


We almost made it to a third café, completing the circle of Place de la Contrescarpe, but I couldn’t take down another drink. Had we done the completion, that last place in the circle is Café Delmas. I guess we’ll just have to check it out another time.



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