When in Paris

One usually seeks out a croissant or crepe to eat, or perhaps both, during their visit in Paris. It’s hard to roam the streets here and not find one of those treats. The waft of buttery sweetness from the batter of crepes is tantalizing when walking by a crêperie, or seeing the flaky crescent croissant in the windows of the bakery may all be enticing.

I had to find a way to eat both of these in a healthier way, and I have. I ate my first savory crepe at the Loving Hut in Paris. Loving Hut is an international chain, and is a restaurant that’s 100% vegan. We’ve tried them in Seattle but didn’t like it there. And we’re not into eating faux meat, which is what they’re big on. I decided to go to the one in Paris because of the crepes and croissants. The one here in Paris is hands down better, and happen to use organic ingredients; it is obvious they care more about the quality of their foods. We went there one Sunday for lunch so I could try the crepe.


The crepe was delicious. It had mushrooms, a vegetable sauce, and tofu. I don’t normally eat tofu, but this was an exception. I guess the whole meal was an exception. Nevertheless, I had it and don’t have the desire to eat it again.

As mentioned earlier, Loving Hut also has croissants. I’m sure they had it in the restaurant, but my French somehow ordered me a package of them to go. I was fine with it and decided I could bring it home and spread chocolate hazelnut on them. There were four in a package and by the time I got to it, I only had one and a half croissants. Nick devoured two of them before we got home. This is the same Nick that never really cared for croissants in the first place. I was amazed how much he liked them. When we tried it with the spread, it was so good. The croissant alone was surprisingly delicious, too. And I understood why Nick liked them so much.


I also found that Naturalia has vegan crepes made from three simple ingredients:  buckwheat, salt, and water. We bought a package of these and made our own crepes with a filling of bananas and the chocolate hazelnut spread. Miam, miam, miam! Also, this by far–because of the ingredients–was probably the healthiest out of the savory crepe and croissants.


Voila! Now that I’ve had my chance to try both of the most sought-out foods in Paris, I’m satisfied for the moment.



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