Small and Electric

Small cars are big in Paris, as it is in other parts of Europe as well. We’ve seen some interesting ones that we’ve never seen before from car brands we’re familiar with. We also see a number of Mini Coopers zipping around, and I reminisce about the one we used to have; however, I do not miss driving at all. The cutest Minis are the older ones, which we see often here, but they aren’t the smallest around. There are smaller ones, and ones that are quite amusing to look at. And some of these are electric cars. We’ve seen several areas of the city having a parking lot or a street full of electric cars plugged up and charging. I’m not sure if they’re rentals, or if it’s a place for owners to come charge their rides.


Recently, we saw an electric car that was the funniest looking of them all. Right outside of our last apartment, this one-seater up front with no windows caught our attention. We had to take a picture. It’s like a cross between a Smart Car and a bike of some sort. It seems like it would be fun to ride, and I sure would have liked to take it for a spin.


I also find it funny that we were taking pictures of this car because whichever French person that saw us must find us amusing, but I guess that’s the fun of being a foreigner; everything is so different or new you’re easily amused and comparing differences from home.



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