Best of the Chocolates


In my last blog post, “Chocolate Art”, I spoke mostly of Maison Georges Larnicol and did not have other chocolate shops to compare it to. Since then we have visited others such as Neuville, Patrick Roger, Jeff de Bruges, and L’atelier du Chocolat. We found out Georges Larnicol isn’t the only place that uses chocolate as art. Patrick Roger in particular has some amazing sculptures of chimpanzees made from chocolate. Impressive as it was though, the chocolate wasn’t all that. We bought a dark chocolate bar made with Ecuador cacao beans, packaged in a fancy tin container. Their chocolate is pretty and stylish to look at, but the taste was nothing special.


Both Neuville and Jeff de Bruges chocolate shops are prevalent in the city. Neuville was good, but nothing spectacular; and Jeff de Bruges was just okay. Both shops have nice décor and aesthetics to their store’s interior, but we can find a tastier chocolate bar made by the German brand Rapunzel in any of the organic stores around for cheaper.

Then there is L’atelier du Chocolat that appears to be just one small shop in the Marais. We haven’t seen this shop anywhere else, and there was nothing glamorous about the place, either.  They sell their chocolate by the sheet, and there is no self-serve like Patrick Roger. You select what you want, and the seller weighs it for you. The price was not bad, and it was interesting to see chocolate served differently than just a bar. And to our surprise, their chocolate was pretty good; it was our favorite out of the ones we tried.


There are still many more chocolate shops in Paris that we haven’t tried, so I’m not sure if we’ll ever stop tasting. But currently we are digging the taste, flavor, and health benefits of the raw organic cacao better. And regardless of raw or not, I think the fun part about tasting and comparing is going into these different shops. It’s also nice to check out what creative artwork they have done with the chocolate.



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