Sol Semilla

Since we’ve been here, we have tried to make some time for a couple of raw and superfood restaurants. We visited one of those places last Sunday. Sol Semilla is a small restaurant in the 10th, and although not raw, it is 100% vegan and organic. They also have a storefront that sells superfood. The owner and staff are really friendly and we felt welcomed as soon as we arrived. The owner is from Columbia, and most of the superfoods are from South America. You get that vibe when you’re in there and you temporarily forget you’re in France.


At their storefront, they had barrels of packaged superfoods: inca berries, maca, raw cacao powder and chocolate bars, spirulina, carob, and so much more! They also had whole aloe vera and nopal plants for sale. We were in superfood heaven, and just thrilled to be there; we were so excited with the menu, the superfoods, and the food options; we knew we were in trouble because at a place like that, we can’t help ourselves but buy to our heart’s content.


We should have done a large sampler platter, but we started ordering a little here and there. It wasn’t the wisest and most cost-effective decision because everything was tapas-style. We learned for our next visit, the large plate of the day was a must.

We were served a sample of inca berries and whole cacao beans before our small meal. The inca berries were a delight, a burst of sweet and tangy flavors. The cacao beans were a little bitter, but not bad. We enjoyed the robust taste and thought it was good. Coffee lovers probably would like it because the after taste was a little like black coffee.


For our small meal, we both had vegetable soup with fresh herbs, cumin and carob, and shared a blini, a pancake-like bread. It was so delicious we could have had plenty more each. We then shared a skewer of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables with nopal and aloe vera. It was interesting, and although the sampling was delicious, we found the aloe vera hard to eat. It’s not the same as drinking it because the chunks of aloe when bitten and chewed became slimy and hard to break down and swallow. The taste was also a little bitter, which we both didn’t like so much. We both agreed we liked drinking it better than eating.


For desserts, I ordered a milkshake made with rice milk, acai, banana, apple, lemon, and ginger. It was the tiniest drink I had ever ordered, but pretty tasty. After the drink, Nick and I ordered two different baked goods. He had a pankeklto, which was the blini pancake-like treat made from buckwheat and the superfood purple corn. It was awesome, pure goodness. I had a pastellto, a small cake made from buckwheat, banana and acai. For such a small cake, it was superb. I could have had a lot more.


After eating, we found ourselves at the storefront, selecting our superfood goods. We literally had to stop ourselves from getting carried away, and managed to buy only a few items. Our selections were the inca berries, raw cacao powder, raw chocolate bar, and the soup mix of the carob and cumin soup we had.

Sol Semilla also has a stand selling their superfoods at the organic market in the 6th on Sundays. We have yet to make it out, but plan on going there soon. This little restaurant is high on our list here in Paris, and I’m sure the owner will be recognizing our faces soon because I don’t think we can stay away too long. I highly recommend it if you appreciate superfoods. And if you’re interested in yoga classes, the owner instructs ashtanga yoga. Namaste.




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