Shopping at Les Halles


We wanted to check out the old market at Les Halles and needed to buy yoga mats and free weights, so we managed to do that all at one place. Since the destruction of Les Halles in the early 1970s, it has been replaced with an underground shopping mall. Expecting to find this establishment, we were surprised to see the place under renovation. The underground shopping and cinemas are still present, but the façade of the current mall establishment has been stripped. It is partly ready for its new adornment of modern interior and exterior and a glass canopy to allow the natural light inside. In addition to its new look there will be modifications and additions. This includes better pedestrian traffic with a central area cleared, allowing multiple traffic flow. Flow paths to the metro and RER platforms will also be expanded with three new direct accesses. And I’m not surprised that there will be a garden and artwork on the premises as well. The projected finish timeline for all of this is expected to be done in 2016. It’s quite a big project, and from the picture, it looks like a lot of money and time will be put into it.


Au Pied de Cochon in the background near Les Halles. I recommend this restaurant to non-vegans and vegetarians. It was recommended to me from a French acquaintance, and we enjoyed it very much. We dined here in 2009 with our good friends when we weren’t raw foodists yet.


The projected new Les Halles.


Saint Eustache in the background, which holds the largest organ in France with 8,000 pipes.

Currently the underground shopping is chaotic, and the pedestrian traffic is a hub of frenzy shoppers. It is quite a maze down there and since it’s under construction, it’s not the most pleasing shopping space. Despite that though, it holds a number of cool stores: Muji, H&M, Esprit and WE. And we were lucky to find our yoga mats and my weights at Go Sports. Surprisingly the prices were better than the states. I even found the prices at these clothing stores were reasonable for cute trendy attire.


So Saturday turned out to be a shopping day for us, and it was nice to check out Les Halles before its new construction. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure we won’t be living in Paris in 2016 to see the new Les Halles, but I expect it to be nothing less than marvelous.

Other tidbits to share…


Cool ginseng plant we found at a yoga store.


At random I picked one of these up for a picture, amused by the size of the shrink wrapped t-shirts the size of a sticky note pad.


We saw this little guy in Muji and he greeted us with such excitement. He was the first friendly dog we’ve encountered in Paris that wasn’t “snobby” and aloof. He gave me hugs with his thick paws, and his mannerism was such a delight. He was definitely a character and we enjoyed meeting him.



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