Gone Nuts

Lately we have been indulging on spiced nuts. I don’t think we’ve eaten this much cooked, unsoaked nuts over the last two years, but we’re making exceptions while we’re here; and Paris has so many unique flavors and touches to their nuts, it’s quite a tempting treat.


Over the weekend we came across La Pistacherie, which at first we thought was a store that sells only pistachios, but when we checked it out we were wrong. Besides pistachios, there were cashews and almonds. They also sell sunflower seeds, goji berries and other non-nut variety, but we stopped looking further when we found our target of cashews and almonds covered in pimentee. Nick and I have an obsession for spicy foods, so we couldn’t resist!


When we tried the nuts they were real good, and we’re bound to go back again. This neat little shop is on the busy strip of rue Rambuteau as you’re heading towards the Pompidou. Check it out if you’re in the area and are crazy about nuts.




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