Le Centre Pompidou


We did it – we made it to the Centre Pompidou on Sunday. The Pompidou is a modern museum on rue Beaubourg, right near our place in the Marais. It houses visual art of all form, making it the biggest modern and contemporary museum in Europe with more than seventy-thousand works. The work displayed changes regularly, and one can find photography, design, architecture and new media as well as paintings and drawings. Its architecture has an inside-out structure revealing tubes and pipes. And the size of the building stands tall and wide, catching your attention as you’re passing through the area. Because of its contrast to the city’s old Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque-style buildings, the Pompidou stands out with its high-tech, industrial-like facade, making it one-of-a-kind in the neighborhood.



I caught the sunset from up top of the Pompidou.

Lucky for us we did not have to deal with a long line, but we missed Salvador Dali’s exhibition; it had closed last weekend. Unfortunate for us, that was really the only exhibition we wanted to see. As much as we wanted to see this museum, the modern art displayed here were not some of our favorite. Some of the artworks were bizarre, unique, creative, and some we simply questioned its validity as art. Aside from our opinions though, art is subjective, so one person’s opinion and likes may differ from ours.





This sculpture is the back to the one above.


Our favorite painting there.

Despite not seeing Dali’s exhibition, we were glad to have checked out the Pompidou; however, I think we’ll enjoy Musee d’Orsay better, which is the next museum we will be visiting.



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