Life Without the Omega

Life without our Omega juicer has not been as great as Life Without the Vitamix. I miss juicing every day, and the vitality and nutritious benefits I get from the juices. Juicing and blending a smoothie are two different kind of drinks, and ingredients are used appropriately for each. Therefore, blending our juice concoction in the blender is not the same as utilizing the masticating auger from the Omega. The Omega is not a centrifugal juicer; its horizontal masticator is slow and kneads every ounce of juice out of the plants and herbs we use. It’s one amazing piece of machinery. The best part about it is that it never heats up, so the juice is ensured cold-pressed.

There is one place in Paris that makes the type of juices we like, and that is Bob’s Juice Bar in the 10th arrondissement. Bob is British, and he owns this juice bar and Bob’s Kitchen in the 3rd. I have had the pleasure to taste one of his juices, the Green Cocktail, and it is so refreshing and delicious. It was tastier than most places I’ve tried in Seattle, and it’s great that the juices are organic and cold-pressed.


There’s nothing like a fresh-squeezed juice and a cigarette.

Our favorite juice we used to make in Seattle was the Ginger Lemon Blast. The recipe is as follows, and give it a try if you have a juicer: kale, celery, cucumber, cilantro, parsley, ginger, apples, lemon, and jalapeno pepper. We use the whole stalk of each vegetable and herb, four apples, finger-size amount of ginger, two lemons, two cucumbers, and half a jalapeno pepper. You can adjust these ingredients to your liking. Note that the more ginger you add, the spicier it will get. This recipe will make up to eighty ounces give or take. It will vary by the kind of juicer you have as well.

We used to share the Ginger Lemon Blast equally as an aperitif to dinner, and the energized buzz we got from it was priceless. It keeps you feeling good, energized, and grounded for the rest of the day. Just talking about it makes my heart throb for it — I miss juicing so much!

If you juice, drink an extra one down for me. In the meantime, I guess I’ll have to visit Bob’s Juice Bar soon.

Happy Juicing!



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