Carcassonne’s Lower City


We spent a day exploring the lower part of Carcassonne. The lower city is quaint and quite different from La Cité. Old statues and buildings give the place a unique look and feel of its own. The main attractions are in a square before heading to the medieval city, and those attractions are shopping, museums, dining and entertainment. On Saturdays there is a local market that sets up shop in the main area selling local food and products. And although Carcassonne is not a shopaholic’s haven for shopping, there are many shops and boutiques worth checking out.  Some of the shops are unique to Carcassonne, while others are known stores around Paris.


Even with tourists, Carcassonne has a slower vibe and is less crowded than a big city. Shops and restaurants close earlier, and sometimes as a tourist, you may be the only one in the restaurant for dinner. We speculate that locals eat in and the people from smaller towns visiting go home for dinner, and it is the tourists that are the ones dining out. Whatever it may be, it does make for a nice and relaxing time, a temporary break from the hustle and bustle of Paris. We certainly enjoyed it.


Before we departed on our last day in Carcassonne, we took one last stroll through this main area and left appreciating our time spent in this special city.



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