Best Thai Food in Carcassonne

I had done some research on where we could eat in Carcassonne and I was surprised to see a Thai restaurant out there. The place is Chez Jasmine and I had scoped their menu online before going. My eyes did a double-take when I saw the cheap prices. I haven’t had Thai food for a while since we left Seattle and have been dying for some. Thai food in Paris does not have vegan options. I did find one place that has vegetarian options, which I figured I could ask them to make those options vegan, but I am not willing to pay twenty-five euro for a curry dish or fourteen euro for Phad Thai. The Thai food in Paris is surprisingly expensive compared to the states, and knowing that the ingredients used to make the dishes are inexpensive, I refuse to pay the absurd prices.

We stumbled upon Chez Jasmine on our first night. Hidden away, I was surprised I found the restaurant by accident. It happened to be near our hotel. Otherwise, I’m sure we wouldn’t have found it without the use of Google Maps.

I did not take a picture to support my claim, but the place is tiny. There were three tables available for diners and one of them was used by her young son. We decided to go for it, and I would communicate in Thai to see if the owner/chef would make vegan meals for us to go. It turned out she could speak Laos, too, so we were speaking a little of both to each other.

The owner was extra friendly and did not have a problem making our orders vegan. I ordered Som Tum with cucumbers, and she was able to make it without fish sauce, fermented fish or shrimp paste. She had never made a vegan version of this, but I suggested using lime, and she did just that with salt and a little bit of sugar. It turned out to be fantastic. And the best part was that she used fresh chili peppers and it was spicy like how I like it. Nick loved it, too. We thought the spice and flavor were delicious, and our other dishes, stir-fry vegetables with ginger and onions and red curry with vegetables, were exceptionally tasty as well. We were happy and satisfied, and in addition to the three entrees, we had two orders of rice, four bottled waters, and a half bottle of wine for a total of twenty-nine euro! Compare that to the curry dish in Paris for twenty-five euro and it’s a no-brainer this is a better deal.

I realize the pictures don’t do the food justice in to-go containers, but the food was delicious.


Som Tom


Stir-fry with vegetables, ginger and onions.


Red curry with vegetables

We didn’t care that the restaurant was small and lacking decor. The food was awesome and prepared fresh. The friendly owner was accommodating and welcomed us like good friends. I also had a great time chatting with her. From Thailand, she has lived in Carcassonne for five years and speaks French, Thai, Laos, English and German fluently. I find that impressive.

There is another Thai restaurant, Le Phuket, and I can’t dismiss them since I haven’t tried them out, but the reviews online are nothing compared to Chez Jasmine. I think if we were to go back we would return to Chez Jasmine. If you’re in Carcassonne and want Thai food, give Chez Jasmine a try for a cheap and wonderful meal.



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