Notre Dame à la Nuit


Its gothic presence prevails at nighttime. Looming over the Seine its massive structure strikes with magnificent beauty and its glorified existence. The Notre Dame cathedral was built many centuries ago. The exact year it was done being built was 1345, and today it remains strong and everlasting. The cathedral’s protectors, gargoyles and hybrid monsters, are sculpted from stone and serve as evil warders at night. They are the keepers of Good.

See it during the day or night and the sight of it will have a different effect. We have seen this cathedral multitude of times; it is still breathtaking every time I see it. I have shared previous pictures of the cathedral at daylight, and a distant picture of it at night. Recently I have taken closer shots of the Notre Dame at night, and it’s a sight I must share.




2 thoughts on “Notre Dame à la Nuit

  1. Thanks for posting this today 🙂 the pictures are beautiful. Can’t wait to see it during the holidays! It’s the most memorable place in Paris during my past visit.

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