Roman Paris


When Paris was ruled under the Romans, the area in the 5th arrondissement was known as Lutetia. In present time there are still remains of Lutetia, such as the Roman amphiteater on rue Monge and the Roman Bath which we went to go see in Musée de Cluny. Not much was observed from the Roman Bath, but when we checked out the fifteen thousand seat amphiteater, Arenes de Lutece, the ruins had been molded into a park. We walked around, scoped the area, and saw traces of the ancient city. We stood up top of the arena and imagined what sort of combats and shows happened centuries ago. We imagined the gated areas a place where men dislodged for combats, or where beasts or prisoners were held captive under their own will to participate in a jostle or fight they did not want to be a part of. Thanks to Gladiator, we used our imagination and based what happened in the movie to the times of Arenes de Lutece. Now the place is overrun with kids playing fútbol, and benches and railings have been added to enhance the touch of a park. Had we not known about the history of the place, we probably wouldn’t have realized the arena was part of the ancient city.



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