Books Galore


I love books. I love the way it smells, the way it feels as I hold the solidness of it in my hand and the smoothness of the pages as I thumb through it. I can’t go into a bookstore and not purchase at least one book. It started way back. Ever since I was little, I spent every summer going to the library, checking out mounds of books to read at a time. I won every reading contest offered each year at the local library. My parents had it easy with me; I stayed in one spot at the house, sitting and reading, surrounded by my books. Books were my friends, and till this day, I feel the same joy and excitement when I’m in a bookstore. Unlike when I was a child, I now prefer to collect and own them. However, I am forever grateful to those public libraries: They helped me be free and lost in so many wonderful and magical stories as a child.

I don’t know why I waited so long to visit Shakespeare and Company, but I finally stepped into the small bookstore on Saturday. Situated in my favorite neighborhood, the 5th, it faces the Notre Dame and is on a touristy block. I am so grateful for this bookstore in Paris — I have found my new favorite place to buy books.


I wanted to buy most of the books on this table.


One of my favorite dark writers.


I had to take a picture of this one.


Shakespeare and Company is a small and cozy bookstore. It has two stories, and upstairs there is a piano where one could play if they desire to. I liked the wooden bookshelves, the wooden beams, the wooden ladders propped up against the shelves, and how the books were lined tightly against another in the tiny space of the store. I liked how the place looked quaint and rustic, unlike the modern feel of a large bookstore. I just loved being in there with all of those books.



I can definitely appreciate this!


I refrained myself and bought only one book for now as I know I will be making regular visits. And I’ll definitely have to load up on books before we leave for Nice in July. Shame on me for not visiting sooner, but I guess it’s better late than never!



6 thoughts on “Books Galore

  1. Great post! There is something about books. I still remember my first visit to the library – my father took me there as a child. It was heaven on earth!

  2. We’re very lucky to still have Shakespeare & Co as two other English-language bookstores in the area recently closed…. Thanks for sharing the pix & for supporting independent booksellers!

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