Rollin’s Pub

Last weekend we decided to grab a Guinness. We never noticed before, but there are many pubs around serving the famous Irish beer. I’m not a beer drinker, but if I have one, Guinness is one of my top choices. I like rich dark beers. Next to Guinness, Young’s Chocolate Double Stout is a favorite of mine. Another dark one I really enjoy is the Hacker Pschorr Alt.


Our pints getting filled.

We had our drinks at Rollin’s Pub in the Latin Quarter. Nestled in Place de la Contrescarpe, it’s not quite within the circle of cafes, but basically right there. The pub is in a shape of a horseshoe and has many outdoor seating. Inside, it is part rustic and retro; good music is enjoyed and the game of darts are available for playing. It is a popular spot for many locals, and we could tell by the crowd of Parisians mingling, sipping libations and smoking their cigarettes outside.


We like Rollin’s Pub. It’s in a good location, serves Guinness, plays good music, and we enjoyed the cheery, laid-back vibe. This is another spot that deserves a spot on our list for drinks. Check it out if you’re in the area. Cheers!





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