Rim Cafe

We never did make it out to the pizza joint, Green Pizz, in the 9th for their one organic vegan pizza. This is because one day I approached Rim Café, a pizza place in the 5th, and asked if they had vegan pizzas. We noticed there was a vegetarian pizza, so why not sans fromage? To my surprise when asking the restaurant manager he pointed on the menu and said, “Oui, vegetarian sans fromage.” They would take the cheese off of the vegetarian pizza for us. It was exactly what we wanted, and we were pleasantly surprised because most restaurants do not like altering their dishes just because you are vegan. Some places find it tricky to make pizza without cheese. But being that this place is an Italian joint, we’re not surprise they would accommodate this request for us.


The picture doesn’t show it, but they have outdoor seating as well.


Having dined at Rim Cafe several times now, I am obliged to give them a good review. The place serves tasty pizza and has good service. We order the vegetarian pizza, sans fromage, every time. The crust is perfect, we enjoy the variety of veggies, and the flavor is delicious with a bit of zest. We love adding their olive oil marinated with spicy peppers all over our pizzas to kick up the heat. It’s delicious and satisfying every time.


Toppings: zucchini, olives, artichokes, mushrooms, green and red peppers.


Nick has ordered their penne arrabiata once, and although good, it doesn’t compare to their pizzas. If you decide to give them a try, go for their pizzas. Their house red wine is also tasty, as well as their lemon and pear sorbet for dessert. The lemon sorbet has a strong lemon flavor that’s tart and sour, and by pairing it with the sweet pear, it’s a delightful combo.

And for being in a tourist strip, their prices are reasonable. We almost avoided this restaurant because of its location, but we’re glad we didn’t make that mistake.



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