Our First Visitors

We were so excited to have our visitors, Jon and Christie. The lovely couple is on their honeymoon for two and a half weeks in Europe, and for their two days in Paris they made some time to meet up with us for drinks. We met them at Saint Severin Café in St. Michel area. It was delightful to be out with friends and talk to someone we know. We had a lot of fun catching up and being the loud obnoxious Americans we were, but we didn’t care.


At Saint Severin Cafe we had to pay to use the restroom, but the guys didn’t realize it was free for them to use the urinal. When they asked for change from the worker they got a questioning look: So, you guys both have to use to the toilet, huh? And without realizing, Jon had been using the women’s bathroom the entire time.

“Dames means dudes,” he said, so sure of it. We all laughed.

Monsieur means mister,” Nick said.

“Monsieur means misses,” Jon replied.

“There’s a picture on the door,” Christie added. And If I recall, there was indeed a feminine picture or symbol on the door.


Then after several rounds of Carlsbergs, these two guys were stumbling out of the cafe. We departed ways from our visitors and Nick and I were in dire need of food. We went to Maoz to grab vegan falafel sandwiches and that did it for me, but Nick was still in pretty bad shape. He had the worse hiccup fit ever, and everyone at Maoz knew it, too. Even after we had bought a bottle of water the worker offered him more water. The guy recognized us from previous visits and after we left the place today, he offered Nick a handshake for the first time, his face conveying a look of sympathy. Through his eyes he was saying, “I get it, buddy. You did yourself in and you’re in bad shape.”

This is the result of binge drinking and a good time with friends. It was definitely good to see Jon and Christie and we had a blast hanging out with them. I wish them the best on their honeymoon-sojourn exploring the different countries they’re visiting, and perhaps one day we will meet them in San Luis Obispo, the happiest place in America.



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