Heading South


After several weeks of searching and contacting different rental possibilities, we finally have a precise date of when we’re leaving Paris for South of France. We will be living in Nice starting September and on, but in Aix en Provence in July and August. We are thrilled with the chance to explore Aix en Provence and the greater Provence area as it will give us a chance to see the sunny countryside we’ve always wanted to experience. We wanted to make it out to Nice in July, and we almost did. After endless hours of looking we had given up. But recently we were fooled into thinking we would be going. We were contacted by an owner of an earlier contact who agreed we could have her rental for July and August. Excited by the opportunity, we immediately took the offer and as asked, paid half of rent for deposit. Several days later she informed us without remorse that she had rented the place to someone else for a longer period. This is after we had paid and given notice to leave our current place. We were bitter by it (and I think we had every right to be) because not only had we signed the contract and paid, but we also planned for the move. We felt like we were screwed over by this lady, who by the way is a fellow American from the Pacific Northwest as well. Because of this we had to find another place immediately. We lucked out because we did find a place right in historical city center of Aix en Provence. This area was on our top choice to live if we couldn’t make it out to Nice in July. It all worked out in the end, and we did get a refund minus the wire transfer fee, but for a moment it was a mess to deal with. Now that it’s all squared away, we are happy and thrilled to get out of Paris and go down south.

In the meantime we will be finishing off our small bucket list for Paris. There is not much left of what we want to see in the city, and the little trips we want to do outside of Paris, we will be able to finish them in the time we have left here.



4 thoughts on “Heading South

  1. I can’t believe that lady was so unprofessional, you’d made a deal! But oh well, things like this always happen for a reason, and now you get to spend time in Aix. It is such a lovely place, and you’ll never tire of exploring Provence!

  2. Sometimes, when you think that everything is going wrong, life is actually opening doors for you. Granted, it may open that door by slamming another one in your face, but the end result can be better than you could have hoped for. I’m sure you will love Provence.

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