Marais Outdoor Market

We perused the outdoor market on Rue Rivoli yesterday. This outdoor market is open only on Wednesdays and Saturdays at the city hall. The selection is small; however, you can find the essential stations: bread, cheese, rotisserie, wine, jam and produce. Other stations include a flower and clothing stand.




When we discovered none of the produce was organic, we continued on to Naturalia. It was worth checking out, but we’ll have to check out the all organic Raspail Outdoor Market in the 6th.



4 thoughts on “Marais Outdoor Market

  1. Have you tried the one at Maubert in the 5th? I think they sometimes have a bio stand and a big selection otherwise. There are two small organic stores just down the street from this market on Blvd. St. Germain, too. Also, this website has a listing of the organic markets in Ile de France and I think you’re right, the Raspail one is probably a good bet for you. Note that there is apparently some kind of organic market event the weekend of June 1st–see their homepage for more info. Bon appetit!

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