Anti-Gay Marriage Protest

Even though gay marriage has been legalized in France, the resistance against it still persists. Last Sunday we were caught in the middle of an anti-gay marriage protest on Saint Germain Boulevard. We had no idea this was going to occur; we literally had walked into it.



We noticed the majority of the people were older, and we were surprised by the amount of people who are really against gay marriage. There were some younger people, but we felt they were just “followers.”



The protest was well choreographed, and they had protesters coming in set of waves after previous groups had passed. There were American music being played, people making announcements, and protesters shouting their statements. At times it seemed like a party rather than a protest.

We also saw hate signs toward their president, probably in response to allowing gay marriage to pass, as well as signs indicating a family means a male and female with a child. From my understanding, these protesters’ biggest argument against gay marriage is for the children. They believe children should grow up in a family where there is a father and mother.



Despite it being a protest, we did not see any violent breakouts. However, there were authorities ready to take proper precautions had there been any problems. The whole protest lasted a long time, as we were caught in the whole ordeal trying to walk back to the Marais.


It was interesting to see the protest, but we don’t quite get it. I guess coming from a liberal place like Seattle, we are more accepting and open to these things. After all, same-sex marriage has passed in Washington, and we don’t have a problem with it. I think it’s awesome.



5 thoughts on “Anti-Gay Marriage Protest

  1. Starting Aug 1, same sex marriage will be legal in Minnesota. I totally support it and I know many people including old people who support it. Those that say they are against it are using the same words that children need a mother and a father. I see these words coming from the conservative religions.

  2. my husband is a tour guide here in Paris so we actually escaped the city that Sunday. I got caught up in the last one which was very violent. This one did turn violent later in the evening. We also are shocked by how many young people are attending the protests and I agree, I believe they are followers. I have been so shocked by France’s anger against gay marriage but also I believe the people are just angry at the situation their country is in at the moment

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