Marais Flea Market

On Saturday we were in our old neighborhood of the 3rd arrondissement and stumbled upon an impressive setup of a flea market. This one was much bigger than the one we saw in the 16th. Lined along rue de Bretagne, the street was overrun with tents from different sellers, and it was quite a scene with all the people and cars trying to get through.


We were on our way to Bio Moi and had a chance to look through the old and worn items being sold. There were many interesting items: clothes, used shoes, silverware, phones, furniture, dolls and so much more. I saw an old Yves Saint Laurent jacket hanging on a rack as we were entering Bio Moi, but it looked at least three sizes too big and not my style.


Escaping the crowd, we slipped into the store and did our shopping. Moments later we left and traversed in another direction, swerving through shoppers until we made it over to the route heading towards the 4th.


I guess there are bargains to be made — even in Paris. If you ever stumble across one here, it’s interesting just to scope out the items being sold. In a way, it’s free entertainment.






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