Pousse Pousse


Pousse in French means sprouts.

Pousse Pousse was the raw restaurant I had mentioned in my last post. It is the restaurant we’ve been meaning to try out for so long. Because of its location and shorter hours of only serving lunch, we could only make it out to the place on a Saturday. They don’t open on Sundays, but we learned on that day they now open on Sundays for brunch. Knowing we would leave Paris soon, we had to make it happen.

After exploring the other parts of the 9th arrondissement, we made it to Pousse Pousse sometime after 4 p.m. The place was smaller than I had imagined after seeing the place on the website, and the owner was there in flesh and blood. She looked the same as she did online—a red head with sharp features—and spoke very good English.

As we stood in the shop behind a couple that was getting rung up for a product, we learned they had stopped serving lunch at four. Luckily there was another man who arrived shortly after us that saved the day. He came on Saturday specifically for lunch as well and told the owner he had come a long way (Los Angeles) to dine at her restaurant. I told this nice man we came for lunch as well and he relayed the message to the friendly owner. She decided to accommodate us and discussed with the chef about what was left in the kitchen.

We were given our options and all three of us decided on the same meal. We ended up having lunch with this man, whose name is Marty. We had a lovely conversation discussing travels and vegan restaurants in Paris and Los Angeles.

We all agreed Pousse Pousse was well executed and tasty. I loved it. The whole meal was not completely raw; it was a mix of raw and cooked, but nonetheless it was healthy, whole and nutritious. It was worth it. We would definitely go back.


First, a tasty raw salad. Next to it is a bowl of raw crackers we shared. It went well with the hummus you’ll see below.


Our green juice: cucumber, celery, ginger and parsley.
Marty had his own concoction of juice which turned out to be a dark berrylike color.


This was eggplant mixed with a flavorful sauce — and sprouts of course.


The partially raw main dish was a squash and zucchini tartelette. I really enjoyed this tremendously. Above the tart are strips of zucchini, carrots and beets. There was a curry sauce on the plate that was delicious, and in the small bowl was the hummus we enjoyed with our crackers.


Raw chocolate cake. It was rich. It had a hint of what we believed to be cayenne or some sort of pepper in there. The cacao was robust and intense. It left us all with a buzz.

After a great meal, we exchanged information with Marty and parted ways. It was very nice to meet him, and we enjoyed our conversation over lunch.



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