The End of a Great Day

After leaving Pousse Pousse, the sun went into hiding. The temperature had cooled but was still a little muggy. We headed back to our neighborhood. I changed into jeans and layered up a bit before heading back out to do a little shopping around the Marais. There was a necklace I wanted to purchase before leaving Paris, so another thing was checked off the list. (A trend we’ll be doing these next few weeks.) Nick calls this necklace of mine the voodoo necklace doll, and you’ll see why below. I picked one that met two requirements: one was of course I had to like “her” and two, she had to match my wardrobe. It was a hard decision, and If I wasn’t concerned with not wearing it often, I would have gone for a blue, purple or red outfitted one.


At Bazar de Filles, Paris 4th arrondissement.


I like the red one.


My pick after Nick and the sales girl helped me decide. You may not see it, but she has little hands and is holding the heart locket.

Afterwards the plan was to walk over to the Eiffel Tower, but on our walk over, thick rain clouds hung over the tower. We decided to go for it anyway. As we walked along the Seine some more, thunder struck over what appeared to be over in the 5th arrondissement area. Nick thought it best to stay put and save the tower for another day.


We walked back to the 4th and checked out the big screen that’s currently in front of Hotel de Ville. Over the winter there was an ice skating rink set up in the same space with constant music blasting. Temporarily this big screen was brought out for an outdoor viewing of the tennis games going on. A clay court was also set up for those interested in a game of tennis.


Hotel de Ville: Where’s Nick?


At that particular evening, a cartoon was played for the crowd. We decided to take the opportunity to take photos of the scenery and of the thunderclouds in the background.



A nice stranger offered to take our picture.

Shortly after, we saw Marty again. He was rollerblading towards the big screen. We called out to him and started another conversation about things to do in Paris. Then after some time, Nick got hit with one raindrop on his arm; I got hit with one on the head. Slowly it was one drop at a time that quickly expedited into a drench.


Nick and Marty.

We parted ways from Marty, all of us finding shelter. The crowd did the same. People were running, finding the nearest cover. Our cover wasn’t the best, but it worked for the moment. When it rains in Paris, people find shelter and stay in one place, waiting for the rain to dissipate before moving on. It’s a funny sight to see people congregate as if they’re frightened of the rain, but I understand because we do the same thing when without an umbrella.


When the rain calmed, we walked over to Saint Paul area in search of a pub that served Guinness. Unfortunately the two places we scoped out were packed, and we didn’t feel like walking to the 5th after being on foot all day. Instead we scoped the exterior of L’église Saint Paul-Saint Louis before deciding to go home for homemade dinner. Dinner was served after ten. I had made our clean, vegan version of pho. And it was a nice wrap-up to our Saturday.


L’église Saint Paul-Saint Louis



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