A Walk to the Eiffel Tower

It had been nice and sunny all week, and we got partially unlucky with last weekend. Sunday’s weather started out cooler than Saturday. The sun was hiding and clouds hung low conspiring for some rain. We decided to visit the Eiffel Tower, and rain or shine, we were going this time. We walked along the Seine to scope out various monuments and sights along the way. It did rain the entire time we were on our walk. It took us almost an hour and a half to walk from the Marais to the tower, and we endured the annoying rain drops. It reminded us of the typical Seattle drizzle.


Fountaine du PalmierImageFountaine du Palmier, the bottom piece connected to the pole in the picture above.


A section of the Louvre.IMG_5648Another section of the Louvre.ImageInstitut de FranceImagePont Alexandre III Bridge and a view of the Grand Palais in the background.

The first time we saw the Eiffel Tower was in 2009. It felt surreal seeing it for the first time. We weren’t excited about it seeing it again but felt we needed to see once more before we left. Seeing it again did not have the same effect, and the weather sure didn’t help. We plan on going up again but at nighttime, hoping we’ll see another angle of the City of Light for what it is before we depart.


We had walked a lot that day, including Saturday. By the end of it, we took the metro to Saint Michel area and decided on that Guinness. We tried Corcoran’s Irish Pub for the first time in the 6th. It was a good joint, and we relaxed watching the pre-tour test of Tour de France. It was a nice end to our weekend.




9 thoughts on “A Walk to the Eiffel Tower

  1. I took my hubby up Tour Montparnasse the other night, it was fantastic! We went around 9pm and saw twilight and darkness 🙂 lovely to be able to see the Eiffel from that view 🙂

      • yes, we loved it! Personally I hate the Montparnasse building so it was good to eliminate that from view! We went on a wednesday night and bought tickets there (13,50€ each i think) so I guess it would depend what night you went. We recommend going up whilst still light though (there is plenty to read up there etc..) so you can see the cemetaries etc… and staying until dark!!!

      • We plan on going up there on a Wednesday night as well after dinner plans (early dinner at 7), so hopefully we’ll be just before the sun goes down. I hope the lines aren’t as horrid as the Eiffel Tower’s line. I saw the view from online and it looks great. Thanks for the info!

      • Yes, that is the main reason why I’d like to go up top — is to see the Eiffel in the background all lit up. It will be a nice picture shot. And it will be a new experience since we’ve been up top to the Eiffel already.

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