Let’s Go to the First

We explored the 1st arrondissement in detail, scoping out the places we have not yet seen in the neighborhood. The day was sunny but could have been warmer for me. Nevertheless, it was a nice day: bright, lovely blue sky, dry. We had a pleasant walk weaving through neighborhoods, taking in all that we can of the city we’re ambivalent about.

Place Vendome, the gilded bronze sculpture of Jeanne d’Arc, Place Colette, and Jardin du Palais Royal were the sites we had visited. Unfortunately the camera needed charging, and I am only able to share pictures of Place Colette and snippets of Jardin du Palais Royal.


Place ColetteImageImage

When in the garden, the camera shut off, depriving me of good shots of the fountain and flowers.


Jardin du Palais Royal

As we strolled through the park, the smell of roses and other flowers were delightful. We joked about Jardin du Palais Royal being the best smelling place in Paris—until we got close to the fountain. The funky smell deterred us from getting close, as droplets of mist hit our skin, and we retracted to the alameda.




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