A Couple of Stops

We had checked out a couple of sites along the way to the 1st arrondissement. On our first stop we admired the exterior of the French history museum, Archives Nationales. Located in the 3rd arrondissement, the museum was first known as Hôtel de Clisson, built in 1371. Later it was acquired in 1705 by Prince de Soubise who hired an architect to rebuild the place, and the place was given its new name as Hôtel de Soubise.

Beyond the iron gate, we stepped into the courtyard to admire the former prince’s lovely manor. Many Parisians take refuge inside this courtyard on a sunny day. The grass is clean and maintained because dogs are not allowed in the area.


Heading back down into the 4th arrondissement and towards the 1st, we checked out the tower that caught my attention every time we walked along the Seine. We learned that the 171 foot tower is the Saint-Jacques Tower. This monument is the remains of a 16th century church.



What is left has been turned into a small green square. Inside the green oasis, we found the benches of the small park occupied by locals. People go there to relax, become engrossed in conversation, or to simply take a nap. We went there to admire the tower.




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