A Picnicking Spot

Paris has a number of beautiful landscaped parks around the city where people go to picnic and relax. Jardin de Reuilly is one of those many parks situated in the 12th arrondissement. Out of the four parks in the neighborhood, it is the largest one. We wanted to visit this landscape and try out the eau petillante. Currently, Jardin de Reuilly is the only place where one can find sparkling water in the city. Yes, Paris has a public sparkling water fountain. We thought this was cool and tried it out for ourselves. There is also flat water, but we didn’t come for that. We came prepared with our empty bottle and tried the temperature regulated bubbly water. It was mighty delicious. The coolness of it on a hot day was so good, and the taste was comparable to any bottled sparkling water in the restaurant. And the fact that it was free made it even better.


Inside the park is 15,200 m2 of sward and garden. An arched wooden bridge sweeps across, slightly wobbling as pedestrians cross from one end to the other. Before the bridge is a closed off section with benches where people go converse and relax, admiring colorful roses. Stepping inside that sanctuary and smelling the scent of roses were amazing. Although roses aren’t my favorite flowers, I do love the way they smell.


When we crossed the bridge, we examined the park from above, watched people picnicking, and understood why Jardin de Reuilly is a good place for doing so. At the other end of the bridge, we had missed a concert show. The band was still present in their pink attire, and I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of them.


Jardin de Reuilly is not as elegant and elaborate as Jardin de Luxembourg or Jardin de Tuileries, but it is a nice spot with a nice lined promenade linked to it. It makes it a great place for a casual stroll on a sunny day.



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