A Taste of Aix

The sun-drenched town, Aix en Provence, is best known for its fountains and as the hometown of the famous painter Paul Cézanne. In the few days of our sightseeing, we’ve come to love its mellow vibe during the days. Although busy with tourists, it is not so hectic. There are plenty to do and see for a short period of time, with plenty of cathedrals, museums, shops, and of course those fountains to discover.

We’ve had the pleasure to scope out the centre, and here are a few shots around town.


“He was like a father to us all.” A quote from Picasso about the famous French-Impressionist.


A fountain with thermal running water on Cours Sextius.


A French singer singing American songs. She had a lovely voice and was pretty good. Some of the people seated behind her were soaking their feet in the fountain.


One of Aix’s smaller fountains at Place des Cardeurs–our “backyard”. The water wasn’t running at the time of the shot.


Old clock-tower erected in 1510. It is attached to the side of the town’s Hotel de Ville.


Pl. St-Jean de Malte and to its right is Musee Granet.



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