A Two-Month Stay

Bonjour everyone! I finally can say hello and wanted to share briefly our new living space and town. We’re now all settled into our new home in Aix en Provence. Not knowing what to expect with our new place, we were pleasantly surprised to find a spacious apartment. I wasn’t thrilled about a larger space because I hate the cleaning that’s involved, but then realized 600 square feet is the perfect size. I’ve been a little OCD about keeping it clean and thank goodness the place is easy to maintain.


We threw out our big luggage and a lot of other household items. What is seen here is all we brought with us to Aix.


We now have a kitchen bar to dine at. I use the dining table (above picture in kitchen) to write at.


The bedroom and Nick’s new work space.


We live right in downtown Aix and because the town is so small, we can walk everywhere. We’re living amongst restaurants and retail stores. Although, we haven’t been so lucky with food here. We were spoiled with good vegan food options at other places because Aix is not vegan friendly. Besides the food, we’re enjoying the vibe and have already become well acquainted with the place. It’s a vacation town; everyone here is on holiday. And at night it is lively and can get pretty loud as we’re trying to sleep with the windows open. We weren’t expecting this but have gotten used to it already. Despite that, we really like our new apartment and town.


Our new neighborhood.

Something else that’s different, and we find strange, is that there is no recycling; you combine all of your trash into one bag. We have to place our trash outside the front of our building. Therefore, trash is spotted often throughout the streets of town, but it does get collected daily except for Sundays.


Now what about that lovely summer weather? Well, the weather here is all that I’ve dreamed of. I love it. Not a day goes by here where I get uncomfortable cold in the 80s to 90s degrees weather. When it cools to high 60s or low 70s, I pull on a light cardigan, which is pretty good for me. We’re digging the summer life.



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