Eglise Saint Jean de Malte

Not too far away from Cours Mirabeau, Saint Jean de Malte is the first true Gothic church from the 13th century in Aix-en-Provence. Walking around town, its highest tower is seen protruding into the sunny blue sky from afar. This church was initially occupied by the Knights Hospitaller of the Order of Malta and then later served as the burial site for the Counts of Provence.


Inside, as you walk in you immediately focus on the stained glass window that sits above a painting of the resurrection of christ.


When we visited, a wedding ceremony had just let out. The ground was littered with little pink and red confetti hearts. Center of attention, a pretty bride smiled for the crowd in her pink champagne wedding dress. We thought the church was cleared, but when we went inside a mass was in session. This was our second encounter of a session when we visited, but this time we decided to stay even though knowing we couldn’t explore the church further. Apparently there is an organ somewhere in the church and that was one of the things we had missed.



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