A Walk Around Aix

As I have mentioned before, Aix-en-Provence is a small town. We have seen pretty much everything and have only a few sites left on our list to visit around town. The pace and vibe here compared to the bustling Paris is a nice change. We have settled in living like locals and enjoy shopping at our new organic store, Bio c’Bon. Last weekend there was a thunderstorm on both days. We stayed in while it roared and lightning struck. When it ceased and the sun reappeared, we went for a walk around town avoiding the touristy section and explored unfamiliar paths.

Here are more pictures around town. I like admiring what is considered private mansions around town and wonder about the interior of these places.


A mansion with a carriage court.


These other pictures are my snippets of Aix, which happen to be quite different from my earlier snippet posts of Paris.

A wine place near our place.

A wine place near our apartment.Another fountain in front of La Pain Quotidien.Another fountain at Place Richelme.A local's bike. He liked the attention and permissioned us to take photos of his baby.A local’s bike. He was flattered by Nick’s comment and permitted us to take photos of his prized possession.A baby carriage from what we believe is dated back to the 1900s.A baby carriage from what we believe is dated back to the 1900s.One of the many smaller squares around town. It's one of the popular dining spots.One of the several squares around town. It’s one of the popular dining spots. For those following me, have you noticed the trend yet of all the squares having a fountain?

For the most part we enjoy living in Aix but not for long term. Although we like living here better than Paris, like any place once you’ve settled in you’re bound to find some things wrong with it. However, what we have found in Aix is minimal and more tolerable than compared to the City of Light. We’re glad to be here and are making the most of our time before we head to Nice next.



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