Vegan Discoveries in Amsterdam

As a vegan traveling I always have to plan ahead on what we can eat, if there are restaurants we can dine at. Being a raw foodist traveling outside the states makes it even harder depending on where you’re going, but it is feasible. And knowing that there are others like me out there, I feel obliged to report and review restaurants of places we’ve dine at while traveling. That said, this brings me back to Amsterdam and to the places we ate at. We had no choice but to eat out every meal, so I will be sharing a few places we indulged in in the City of Bikes over the next few posts.

The first place we ate at was not from my list. We winged it the first day we arrived and lucked out with a fabulous Italian joint, Mas y Mas. I did not take photos of the meal, but I had salad and then penne arrabiata and Nick had spaghetti marinara. The meal was the best Italian food we’ve had during our sojourn overseas. I regret not taking photos, but take my word for it and try it out if you’re feeling like Italian in Amsterdam.

The next place we tried from my list was Soup en Zo. Nick was feeling like soup, and since it was chilly in Amsterdam, I didn’t mind getting warmed. Located in a residential area with other small shops, this soup place was tiny and offered no seatings. It is an order to-go type of joint, but they do have a couple of benches in front of their shop.


We stood in the long line that formed and spilled out the door. The air was redolent with spices and it tantalized me. They always have a few yummy selections of vegan soup on the changing menu. What won us over was the spicy lentil soup. We took our soup cup of goodness and enjoyed it on a bench outside of the place. Boy, we loved the soup. It was the best bought soup we ever tasted and other tourists who saw us eating and smelled the spicy aroma were further enticed by our raving remarks.

The green onions were optional. They ask if we wanted it as a topping, and of course we did!

The green onions were optional. They asked if we wanted it as a topping — of course we did!Our view from the bench.Our view from the bench.

If you want soup in Amsterdam, don’t miss out on this place. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!



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