Bagel Beans


Bagel Beans is a small chain in Amsterdam, and I had heard that they had vegan options there. Given that neither Nick or I have had bagels in three years, we thought why not. We went there for brunch before visiting a raw health food store and were delighted with our meal. We each had fresh squeezed juice. Nick had orange juice and I had a concoction of ginger, orange, carrot and royal jelly juice. For our meal, we both had the Tuscany bagel sandwich. We substituted the cream cheese with hummus, and you could do that for most of the sandwiches on the menu.


Tomato bagel, sun dried tomatoes, olive tapenade, hummus, arugula, cucumbers, and a bit of pine nuts.

Tomato bagel, sun-dried tomatoes, olive tapenade, hummus, arugula, cucumbers, and a bit of pine nuts.

We didn’t know what to expect of the place, but it exceeded our expectations. The combination of the filling with the bagel was quite tasty. If you decide to give Bagel Beans a try, this is how it works: Select your choice of bagel (they also have gluten-free bagels), pick your filling and then cream cheese. Simple right? I know it doesn’t sound exciting, but it was simply scrumptious.

The bagel comes out warm and lightly toasted — just perfect in my opinion. And I like that they leave the filling off to the side for you, because you get to control how much goes on.


I was surprised to see this quote from Chief Seattle on Bagel Bean’s napkins. For those who don’t know, Seattle — where we’re from — was named after Chief Seattle.

Amsterdam pleased us again with another vegan meal. I highly recommend Bagel Beans. If you want breakfast, they have vegan options as well. For you non-vegans, there’s plenty for you as well. If you decide to give them a try when you’re in Amsterdam, I recommend the Tuscany sandwich.




3 thoughts on “Bagel Beans

    • Chief Seattle was a Native American leader for the Duwamish tribe. He was a prominent figure who sought accommodations to the white settlers at the time, and became close to one of Seattle’s first founders, David Swinson Maynard, or Doc Maynard. This Doc was advocated for Native American rights.
      If you ever visit Seattle, there is a statue of Chief Seattle in Pioneer Square of downtown Seattle area.

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