Golden Temple

Golden Temple. A gold lacquered house of worship in Thailand or Laos is what comes to mind for me. But, the Golden Temple I’m talking about is a vegan-friendly, organic restaurant in Amsterdam. This was another restaurant on my list of good eats in the City of Bikes. After a long day, we were ravenous and wanted some good food. Even though the restaurant closes at 11 pm, the kitchen closes earlier at 9:30. They refuse service to all customers waltzing in at that time and after. We thought we weren’t going to make it but lucked out and found the restaurant before the kitchen closed.

Inside, the white walls were decorated with yogi paintings in pretty vibrant colors. The window was bordered with a string of bright lights. Every table had a vase with a rose in it, or colored candle holders. And despite the full house, the earthly atmosphere reminded me of peace, calmness and yoga. Turns out, the owners of the restaurant are yoga teachers.

I learned they serve raw dishes, but only by request and reservation. Not knowing this in advance, we were left with the vegan selections of the menu. Nick and I ordered the same meal, a Thali plate with our selection of four dishes. We picked dahl, vegetable korma, kofta, and Bandhgobi Alu Sabji.

Dahl: lightly spiced, red lentil soup. Vegetable Korma: vegetable stew with coconut milk and roasted spices. Kofta: two dumplings made of potato, carrots and peas in a spicy tomato sauce. Bandhgobi Alu Sabji: potato, cabbage, and tomato curry.

From left to right:
Bandhgobi Alu Sabji: potato, cabbage, and tomato curry.
Dahl: lightly spiced, lentil soup.
Kofta: two dumplings made of potato, carrots and peas in a spicy tomato sauce.
Vegetable Korma: vegetable stew with coconut milk and roasted spices.

The meal was spectacular. It was the best Thali we’ve had so far. Every dish was well executed with great spice and flavor. It was money well spent, and we loved every bit of it.

For sweets, raw dessert was available and we took advantage of it. Nick ordered a chocolate pie that had a hint of raspberries in it. It was smooth, delicious, and he enjoyed it all to the last bite. I had a blackberry pie that had a coconut almond crust. It was incredibly yummy, and I wanted seconds! But, we were lucky to have even been served dessert. The kitchen was closed for a while, but since we were the last customers, they granted our wish. Thank you very much. I was grateful for that.

Nick's plate of chocolate goodness.

Nick’s plate of chocolate goodness.

A slice of heaven.

My slice of heaven.

We both agreed Golden Temple was the best cooked dinner we have had in a while. I highly recommend this place for everyone. Their menu is 60% vegan, and the rest is vegetarian. For another platter style dinner, they also have a Mediterranean plate. You have a choice of four dishes from the menu like the Thali plate dinner. Other dishes on the menu include pizzas, salads, and Mexican dishes. Only the raw meal requires reservation in advance, and you’ll have to let them know if you are interested in that. So, If you find any of that appealing, give them a try.



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