Cezanne’s Tomb


Following Paul Cezanne’s death on 23 October 1906, the artist was buried the next day at Saint-Pierre Cemetery. We visited the cemetery on a hot sweltering day. The bright sunshine illuminated the tombs of the dead and shone through the trees’ shades.


Despite the sound of buzzing engines on the street, inside the cemetery was calm and peaceful. In the square lot, the painter’s tomb was towards the back corner, several aisles away from the main entrance. We followed the path looking at black and white pictures of the deceased on their elaborate tombs. It instigated thoughts of afterlife in my head once again, and I developed mixed emotions about death.


When we found Cezanne’s tomb, I was surprised to see it simple. I thought it would have been ornate and elaborate. I then looked to the right and left of his tomb and wondered about the deceased buried next to the famous artist and how they have no idea they were buried next to Paul Cezanne. Or perhaps I am wrong . . . maybe they found out in spirit form?




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