Vegan Taco Salad


One advantage of not having good eats around Aix-en-Provence is that we are eating more raw at home. We haven’t been eating out on the weekends like we did in Paris. Being so, I’d like to share my favorite salad. What I call a taco salad is something I made up to create a satiating salad for dinner, while hitting both savory and sweet cravings. All of the ingredients I use are raw, and if you decide to make it, feel free to modify to your liking.Β I encourage you to play with the ingredients. I don’t measure anything and like to measure by taste, so you will have to do the same for the nut meat. It really is based on your liking and taste.

Salad ingredients for one person:

3/4 head of lettuce

1/4 red onions

1 large tomato

1/4 avocado

1 sweet corn

jalapeΓ±o pepper

cilantro (This is a great touch if you have it. France doesn’t have cilantro right now, so I had it without. It is still really good without it.)

Taco Nut Meat:

1/8 – 1/4 C walnuts



To make the nut meat, blend the walnuts until powdered form in a small food processor and add the cumin and tamari. You could also blend the walnuts first and then transfer into a bowl and mix with the cumin and tamari with a fork. I usually like a good balance of cumin and tamari in mine.

I like using walnuts for my taco meat in this recipe, but pecans will work, too, if you don’t like walnuts. You’ll be surprise that this topping is all you will need for the dressing. The flavor is robust and when combined with the juice of the tomatoes, it will make the nut meat a little creamy. I think the combination of avocados and walnut meat makes the salad plenty filling, but if you want to take it a step further you can add a “cheese” sprinkle on top by using nutritional yeast. All you would need to do is blend the yeast with your choice of nut. Pistachios, brazil nuts, or macadamia nuts are a good choice.

Just spread the walnut meat on top of your salad when done. Using a fork to scrape it off from a spoon works well to get the clump separated. And that is it for this recipe.Β It’s simple, delicious, healthy, and whole. It’s so refreshing to eat and doesn’t leave you feeling bogged down. I love it. I hope you enjoy it, too!

Bon appetit!



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