Il Margutta

One of the restaurants we ate at in Rome that wasn’t just pasta and pizza was Il Margutta. Il Margutta is an organic vegetarian restaurant with plenty of vegan options. The place was spoken highly of by Marty and others. We were excited to try the place out, and it turned out we had dined there twice. The first experience was for dinner. For starters, Nick ordered a corn tortilla boat filled with avocado, corn, and sprouts, garnished with spinach and tomatoes on the side. He was impressed with the execution and taste, and so was I when I took a taste.


My starter, a delicious strawberry salad mixed in a tasty vinaigrette and chopped parsley over a bed of spinach, had me devouring in contempt.


And then for our main dish, Nick and I ordered the same meal. The spaghetti al pomodoro was excellent, but it was quite heavy.


For dessert, we each had an almond cake served with vanilla granita and fresh figs. The cake came out warm and it was mouth-watering good. It was a good end to our meal, and we knew we had to be back to experience their renown brunch buffet.


Their brunch buffet was even better. We were in heaven with the flavor and taste of the different food options. The best part about the buffet was the dessert. There were numerous vegetarian desserts displayed for grabs, but we had to special order the vegan dessert. That day they had strawberry cake for the vegan option, and when we both had our slice of goodness, we both thought it was the best dessert we had in Rome — memorable and perhaps the best slice of cake we have had.


This was a fantastic dining experience, and I highly recommend it. Their menu changes by the season, and of course the brunch is not to be missed. If you can only make it there once, I recommend going for the brunch buffet. It’s good to know there are good vegan eats in the ancient city, and Il Margutta is one not to be missed.



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