From Aix-en-Provence to Nice

Now that I’m all done posting about Rome, it’s time for an update on our move to Nice. First, the little two-hour road trip we took from Aix-en-Provence to Nice was a breeze. Aside from getting honked at once, almost getting hit once from another driver, and having trouble paying our tolls, things went a lot smoother than we thought.

We picked up our mystery ride from Sixt rental car as they opened and drove the car back to Place des Cardeurs to pack all of our belongings.



We were glad everything fit because that was the purpose of this drive, so we didn’t have to repurchase everything again. It turned out fine, and our British navigation system helped us out tremendously on the road.

Leaving Aix-en-Provence.

Leaving Aix-en-Provence.

Some nice views along the way.

Some nice views along the way.

Because we were on the highway for most of the drive, it was pretty simple. Nick and I were nervous about driving because of the illogical, nonsense road rules here. And it’s no exaggeration, either. We were just glad to have avoided those rules. We only ran into it once, and since I’m typing away now, we’re safe and sound. I would love to explain all the road rules here, but that is another topic that requires its own blog post.

Time to pay the first toll for 14 euro.

Time to pay the first toll for 14 euro.

After cruising at a speed of 80 mph, no traffic, one heart-pounding scare, and twenty-three dollars paid in tolls, we made it to beachside.

We made it to Nice! Driving on the Promenade de Anglais.

Driving on the Promenade des Anglais.

And when we arrived to our new apartment, we were so pleased with it. After living here for about a week now, we both agree we like this place the best out of all the places we’ve lived in France. The apartment is the perfect size for us. It is airy and bright, which we greatly appreciate. It encompasses a cheery vibe, which I love. We actually like to keep flowers around now and will take advantage of visiting the flower market in Old Nice to keep our vase stocked with bright flowers.

We also love the constant sea breeze flowing through the balcony and windows. Dining outside on the balcony is also our new favorite thing to do while we people watch. If it wasn’t for the buildings in front of us, we would have a beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea. However, I can see a little bit of the water between Place Massena (museum) and the apartment building beside it. We love the location, as we are literally one block from the beach. The walk to the beach is just a minute. And to walk everywhere else is so easy by foot and takes no time. We are definitely enjoying this pace – so far so good! And the nice thing about Nice is that the city is mostly populated by the elderly. Most of the tenants in our building are retired, and we love that. It is quiet and a nice break from the young drunkards.

Here is a tour of our new place:

The entrance, bedroom, my work area (love my new writing desk!), the kitchen, and bathroom.

The entrance, bedroom, my work area (love my new writing desk!), the kitchen, and bathroom.

Tiny kitchen, but love the breeze coming through the window.

Tiny kitchen, but it’s bright and the window opens wide to allow good flowing breeze coming.

Tiny bathroom, but we like it. Toilet to the left. Shower to the right.

Tiny bathroom. Toilet to the left. Shower to the right.

From the other room and into the living room and balcony. Also, Nick's work area.

From the other room and into the living room and terrace. Also, Nick’s work area on the table.

LOVE dining out here.

LOVE dining out here.

So far we’ve been beach bumming every day. We start the day in the morning by doing our grocery shopping early at Le Marchand Bio. We have to or else the produce runs out because we are competing with the older crowd who gets there early. After that we come home and do our workouts, have our breakfast, and then pack up for the beach where we sunbathe and swim in the sea for a few hours before we start working. We are digging our daily lifestyle here in Nice, and if this honeymoon phase doesn’t wear off, we plan on extending our stay.



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