Beach Bumming in Nice

We’ve been beach bumming almost every day since we’ve been here. It is the highlight of our day on the weekdays, and we are taking advantage of the summer weather that lasts through October. There are other regulars we see every day on the beach as well, and we all conglomerate in the same area.

The man sitting in front of us is always there every day in front with his wife. They sometimes bring their cute dog with them.

The man sitting in front of us is always there every day with his wife. They sometimes bring their cute dog with them.

And while getting kissed by the sun, we people watch and observe the tourists taking part in the recreation next to the area where we’re laying. It’s entertaining to watch people sail away and get uplifted with the parachute into the blue sky, as they are maneuvered by a speed boat below.

Up, up and away!

Up, up and away!


Another popular activity, people ride on a blown up “couch” as they get dragged on the bumpy waves. We haven’t yet participated in one of these activities, but Nick plans on getting a paddle board one day. For now, it’s sunbathing and then swimming in the sea. It feels so good to go for a dip after heating up. And when you get out, it feels so refreshing and grounding.

I wasn’t sure about a rocky beach, but we both really like it now. The rocks aren’t sharp and are smooth, and you get used to walking on it. And the best part about it, and what we like, is that it creates no mess walking around and as you step out of the water. There is no cleaning off the sand, and your belongings don’t get dirty and track sand into the house. Although a soft sand is nice, for every day beach bumming, the rocky beach is nice because it’s less maintenance.


Other times we people watch the sunbathers, seeing if we recognize any others from previous days. And some days, the beach has more nudists than other days. It’s no big deal that women of all ages are topless on the beach. Some lay out; some sit and converse with their friends. Nudity is common here, and no one makes a big deal about it. People don’t gawk, either.


For the past week that we’ve been here, I’ve never been so tan. Nick is still working on his, and I’m trying to even mine out. Living in Seattle my whole life, my legs have never been this tan, and now it seems so effortless. That’s the great part about living beachside in a warm climate. We’re digging it.



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