We Had An Intruder Part II

We had an intruder this morning like when we did in Paris, so I decided to post about this instead of what I had previously planned…

Nick was munching on an apple in the living room when I grabbed a banana below our windowsill. I produced a startled little scream when I saw a green object behind the white curtain. Nick laughed because he recognized that scream of mine as being “she sees a bug.” I told him to come take a look because this bug was a big green one — not one you see every day. Without studying it too long, I realized it could be a harmless cricket, but when Nick approached and saw it he corrected me, “It’s a praying mantis!” A praying mantis is his favorite bug, so seeing this little one made him excited. “I can’t believe a praying mantis is in our place!”


Somehow his enthusiasm and excitement rubbed off on me and we watched the mantis for a bit before heading out grocery shopping. When we got back he was still there. I unloaded the oranges on our fruit and snack table, and as one orange rolled over, the praying mantis’ alien-like head swiveled to check out the orange.

After snapping away, I remembered we could videotape the little guy climbing, so I grabbed my iPhone and Nick did the job. Check out the video to see how he climbs up the windowsill in a “bouncy” motion.

It is now late in the afternoon and the intruder is still hanging tight on our windowsill. Nick is thinking about catching him to keep as a pet. After all, it is his favorite bug.




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