Last Sunday morning in Nice was a pool of raindrops and thundering clouds. We stayed in while it took its course, and when it seized and clouds broke apart letting in sunshine, we went out and rented Vélobleus (blue bikes). I’ve been craving a bike ride for a while and decided to take advantage of the city’s bike rentals. Vélobleu is conveniently located within easy reach if one should need a bike. We even have a station in front of our place and there are several stations along the promenade.


We spent the day biking along the promenade on the path towards the airport to view take-offs and landings. We rode down to the end of the beach and stopped at a park to observe some planes passing over the fishermen’s area.


Further down, at the airport, we watched the landings, but it was harder to see the take-offs.


We then rode further and got down as far as past the tip of the airport to get a closer look, derailing off the bike path and riding on bumpy pavement that led to a docking and shopping area. From there we watched a few take-offs before we headed back.


The biking made us miss the recreation and mountain biking in particular. However, the Vélobleu proves to be much heavier than my last mountain bike, a Specialized. Had I known it was going to be a beast pedaling with and lifting, I would have dressed in workout gear instead of casual clothes. And Nick confirmed my feelings about the bike; although, he had an easier time with the height and weight of it than I did. It turned out to be a workout but lots of fun. Now that we have an account set up with Vélobleu, we are going to take advantage of some biking on the promenade.




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