A Day in Antibes, France

Last Saturday we spent a day in Antibes, France. Not too far away from Nice, Antibes was once a fortified Greek town in the 5th century B.C and later became a Roman town. In present time it has an active port, and the old town exists behind an extensive rampart.

Port of Antibes

Port of Antibes

The entrance to the old town.

The entrance to the old town.

Antibes’ old town has narrow winding streets and a plethora of shops and cafes. Many buildings and homes are quaint, and the Promenade Amiral de Grasse is a nice walk to admire the Mediterranean coastline.


Along Promenade Amiral de Grasse.

Along Promenade Amiral de Grasse.

Besides the harbor, Antibes has several beaches, including a small sandy beach outside the town’s wall. And within town there are several museums but its popular one being Picasso Museum. And for a longer walk and with proper shoes, Cap d’Antibes can be discovered at the tip of the peninsula. There, you can snorkel and admire the many villas along the coast.


Being quite small, it took us little time to explore the old town after we spent some time at the port and visiting the Sculpture of Nomade. Overall, Antibes was a nice little visit. I think our favorite part was being at the harbor and walking along the promenade.

Sculpture of Nomade

Sculpture of Nomade



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