Fall Equinox Sunset in Nice

We roamed beyond the Port of Nice, an area unknown to us. On a road heading east to the land of pasta, we turned around, promising we would return another time. And as our exploration ended, we reveled in our leisure, while the sun set due west.


The God of Heat says farewell, leaving his children with a breathtaking view. Through a thick layer of cloud puff and above several peaks, a pink horizon glows, romancing mortals from below, blessing newlyweds.



The pink silhouette sweeps across hilltop mansions, gracing its beautiful touch for a brief moment before darkness sets in.


Meanwhile, water dwellers enjoy the last heat kisses on their skin before embarking into the night. The sound of the sea crashing against rocks gradually drown out human voices as night approaches.


The Moon Goddess will soon appear with her luminous touch, guiding us all into a new evening and later to bed. Then, the new cycle begins with dawn, as we wait for the beauty to repeat itself in a new form.



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