Avebury Stone Circle


The Avebury Stone Circle is located 25 miles from Stonehenge in the village of Avebury. Built 4,500 years ago, it is the largest henge in the world, enclosing over 28 acres of land. The area comprises of three circles: an inner circle of standing stones and within that includes two more stone circles with a central feature.


Unlike Stonehenge, visitors are free to roam the area and get up close and personal with the stones. The circle expands over half a mile, which makes it impossible to snap a photo of all the stones in one shot.


The site is less popular than Stonehenge, but the presence of these stone circles are just as mind-boggling and mysterious as the famous Stonehenge.


If you’re heading to Stonehenge, I recommend seeing Avebury Stone Circle as well. I think it’s just as impressive and worth a visit. I also enjoyed roaming the grounds of the henge while seeing parts of Avebury Village. And the greenery and fresh air out there is just delightful!




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