The Most Haunted Place in Devizes, England

When there is an opportunity to visit a haunted place or stay at a haunted hotel, I’m there. My passion in the paranormal has been with me since I was little, especially after having my own experience when I was five years old. I didn’t understand it then what had happened, but it sure has stuck with me. When I learned and understood that the “person” who appeared in the bedroom while I was napping with my mother was actually an apparition, my curiosity for the spirit world piqued.


I had learned the Black Swan Hotel in Devizes, England was somewhat near the sites we wanted to visit and happens to be the most haunted place in town, so of course I had to book a room. The lowdown on this hotel is that there is a female ghost who manifests in Room 4. Other activities have been in the cellar, attic, and Room 12. Some guests who have stayed in both rooms have vacated their stay earlier than intended. Employees who work there have also had their fair share of activities.

The hotel's pub.

The hotel’s pub.

Unfortunately for us Room 4 was not available. We ended up in Room 5. During the night when we were sipping our libations, we spoke with the owner and asked about his experience. He told us his story and a little history about the place, but I know there’s more to the place if you ask a historian. The owner of the inn from those earlier days was hung right in front of the building, and a woman was killed in the hotel’s fire some time later. While he shared his stories, another female worker joined in on the conversation and told us about her experiences. The consensus is that the spirits there are playful and want attention. Although, hair pulling would surely startle the bejeezus out of me. It seems the most popular activity that happens to the workers is that the unplugged TV gets turned on often.

The owner didn’t realize I was a paranormal enthusiast because I hadn’t mentioned it. They don’t talk about it unless asked because they don’t want to attract more attention and scare people off. He told us not to worry because we weren’t staying in Room 4. Little did he know I was pretty bummed about what he just said. We did not experience anything, but three times in the middle of the night our bed shook and vibrated, and it woke Nick up twice. I was in and out of sleep but awake while it happened. At first, I was startled but knew I needed more than that for me to make anything paranormal out of it. After all, it is an old place built in 1737, so buildings that old rumble at night, and we did have other guests. I eventually fell asleep because I was so exhausted from the day, but when I woke up I felt sleep deprived. I was slightly disappointed I didn’t experience anything, but then because of my exhaustion, I don’t think I would have been prepared for an experience.

This won’t be the last time we stay in a haunted hotel, as Nick is still awaiting his experience. He is a skeptic because he has never experienced such thing but is really open to it. I understand where he comes from, and he believes my story, but he has to experience it to truly understand. A skeptic will always be one until they have their own experience. I believe because it happened to me. And when you experience something paranormal like I did, it never goes away. It becomes implanted in your memories.

If you want to stay at the Black Swan and experience something, ask for Room 4. Perhaps you will get lucky.



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